The Church of San Gregorio

The Church of San Gregorio

The Church of San Gregorio was built between 1300 and 1325 by Pisan workers, according to a mixed architectural style: Romanesque and Gothic.

The plant is in limestone and consists of a  single nave and measures 8 meters by 14.

The roof is made of wood and the apse, on which opens a mullioned window of great beauty, is oriented to the south-east.

During recent restoration works on the walls have emerged numerous symbols and Byzantine crosses, and some writings, reproducing invocations in greek and latin.

These elements suggest that the church was occupied by the order of the Templars, who left numerous testimonies throughout Sardinia.

The statue of St. Gregory the Pope is in wood, dates from 18th century and was built by the Neapolitan school artists.

Ceremonial clothing of this saint are decorated with golden leaves. The church has recently received the international Herity certificate.